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You are a big joker.
These old people who are 50+ years old. they ONLY make 200K something.
I am 30+, and I make more than 200K.

Dr. Charles R. Lassman, MD
Anatomic Pathology
Male, Age 52, Graduated 1992, University of Pittsburgh / Main Campus

Dr. Sophia K. Apple, MD
Cytopathology, Board Certified
Female, Age 52, Graduated 1992, Wright State University / Main Campus

Dr. Linda Gwen Baum MD and PHD is female, has 22 years of experience and
practices in Pathology, Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine, Anatomic
Pathology, Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology, Pathology – Hematology,
and Hematology.

Dr. Harry V. Vinters graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School
and trained in Neurology and Neuropathology at the University of Western
Ontario Hospitals in London, Canada (1977-81), and Pediatric Neuropathology
in Vancouver with Dr. Margaret Norman (1981). He subsequently completed a
research fellowship, focusing on the neurobiology of the blood-brain barrier
and cerebral microvascular disease, with Dr. Pasquale A. Cancilla at UCLA,
where he has been on faculty since 1985. He currently holds the Daljit S. &
Elaine Sarkaria Chair in Diagnostic Medicine, and is Professor of Pathology
& Laboratory Medicine, and Neurology, and has been Chief of the Section of
Neuropathology at UCLA Medical Center since 1993.

【 在 dealseaker (deals) 的大作中提到: 】
: 我就按名字查一下2008年的工资, UCLA
: Sophia K Apple $235,000 2008
: Linda G Baum $235,189 2008
: Harry V Vinters $312,198 2008
: Charles R Lassman $286,343 2008
: UCLA病理系有81个Faculty, 有些是Research Faculty。你可以到图书馆慢慢查, 这
: 里只有2008的数据。

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